Easy Way to Learn Tenses

Right Now

-What is he doing right now ?

He is playing soccer .

He is not doing anything.

Every Day

-what does he do every day ?

He goes to work.

He does not do anything.


-What did he do yesterday ?

He played soccer.

He did no thing.


– What will he do tomorrow ? or -what is he going to do tomorrow ?

He will go to New York             He is going to go to New York.

He will not do anything.           He is not going to do anything.

So far

-What has he done ?

He has worked in his office until now.

He has not done anything.

When I saw him.

– What was he doing ?

when I saw him he was walking in the street.

When I saw him he was not doing anything.

When he was a child.

-What did he use to do ?

He used to play baseball .

He did not use to do anything.


2 Responses

  1. thanks alot this was so much useful

  2. i have problem in using tenses and the page helped me a lot thanks

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